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Our pre-foreclosure lists will get you in touch with the borrowers that are currently 30 or more days delinquent on their mortgage, and are in need of your help. Our pre-foreclosure leads have just missed their second or third mortgage payment, and are drastically trying to figure out how to save their home. It is the perfect time for you to contact them by direct mail or by phone. The odds are, they will receive a Notice of Default in a couple months, and then everyone will be contacting them.

You will beat your competition to the punch by using our leads! Most real estate investors, loan modification, and short sale agents have great success using our pre-foreclosure lists to generate business.

You can filter our pre-foreclosure leads by how much the borrower owes on their mortgage, how far they have fallen behind, and even if they have little or no equity in their home. Ask us how we do it!

You'll get names, addresses in an Excel spreadsheet. Phone numbers available safely pre-scrubbed against the National Do Not Call List.

as low as 27¢ each
new homeowner sales leads
Data Source:
Pre Foreclsoure data is sourced from major credit bureaus and accesses individual's personal credit report/profile.

You can filter by # of days delinquent (30/60/90/120/etc.), amounted owed, equity, and more.

Note that 30 days deliquent = 60 days late as the credit bureaus do not count a person as delinquent until they are 30 days late.


Price Each


2,000-5,000 33¢ plus $50 order fee
5,001-10,000 31¢ plus $50 order fee
10,001-25,000 30¢ plus $50 order fee
25,001-50,000 27¢ plus $50 order fee
50,001+ call  

Pricing above is for one-time usage. Please inquire about unlimited usage rights.

New Pre Foreclsoure leads are selectable based on:

Geography (zip code, city, county, state, radius, etc.)
# days deqlinquent
Home equity
Loan amount
Household income
and more

Who Uses this Data File?
Real Estate Investors
Short Sale Consultants

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